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 Sooo...  In my last post I was heavily pregnant, and basically whinging about being fat.  This time - still fat, no longer heavily pregnant.

Baby finally arrived at 41weeks 6 days, after an inducement and 6hour established labour.  Little Sophia.  Well not so little anymore, since she's almost 7 months old.

She's sitting up by herself, bum shuffling along the carpet (now the fun starts!) and fully weaned onto proper food.  Where did the past 6/7months go?!

It's also my first 'proper' day back at work tomorrow... I've done a few odd afternoons but am still quite nervous about going back.  And really don't want too.  But sadly maternity pay doesn't last forever and I still have bills to pay.  Sigh.

Will try and remember to blog as often as I can!
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Soo...  Am now 38 weeks and 6 days.  Yeap, in 8 days I'll be reaching my due date.  And so far, no sign of baby yet.  Not that I haven't felt any twinges or anything - the past couple of nights have been horrendous, been getting lower abdominal pain and seriously bad backache, but neither have amounted to anything and usually go away when I have a bath!  Although the midwife did say on Tuesday that backache was a sign of the cervix softening ready for labour - so maybe it is still a sign?

Anyhows, she's still as active as ever.  Because she is now quite cramped in there, whatever movements she does make are felt even harder by me!  And it's usually around 8pm at night that party-time begins, and generally lasts for about an hour or two.  Which used to be fine, but now it makes me so nauseous it's horrible!!  Ah well, not much longer to go hopefully!

The rest of life if pretty much the same...  My parents brought the pushchair/travel system around the other day, ready for arrival day, and now the cat has took a shine to it, sleeping in it all the time!  It's quite enclosed and he's always liked places like that to sleep in!

Oh, tomorrow the final episode ever of Ashes to Ashes airs - I'm soooo excited about it, it's ridiculous!  Am dying to know who Gene really is, what happened to Sam and whether Alex will get home or not.  My only worry is that the writers have left too much to cram into a 1hour episode...
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37 weeks and 5 days...   Not that I'm counting or anything.  I'm fat (yes, I know it's not technically fat, it's baby, but still!).  I'm constantly tired.  All I wanna do is eat Frosties cereal and milk (it's getting serious.  3 massive bowls a day now!).  And I'm now at the point where I can't even be bothered to leave the house.

Don't get me wrong pregnancy has it's good points (9months paid leave from work for starters!) - feeling her move is amazing (until she hits a nerve/muscle/bone).  But it's getting more and more uncomfortable, as she runs out of space.

Is it wrong that I want her to come early?  I don't mean right now this minute, but in the next week or so.  I can't bare the thought of 2-4 more weeks of this!  I'm now "full-term" so there's nothing stopping her arriving a little early! We've got everything ready, my hospital bag is packed, etc.


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