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As if I don't have enough of those recently.  Since going on Maternity Leave 3 weeks ago (entering 4th week off work), I've had nothing but time to myself.

Anyhows, the hubby has gone for a 'hike' with his 2 uncles and his Dad - they texted him at 9.40am this morning to say they would pick him up at 10am, which would have been fine usually, but we were still in bed! So it was a mad rush for him to get ready, I ended up making him a quick breakfast, and a packed lunch to take!  But he got away on time, and is now hiking around the North Yorkshire Moors somewhere.  Rather him, than me!! lol

So, they've been gone 2 and a half hours, and I've tidied the house/washed up/done clothes washing, and am now ready to collapse!  Am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant now, so literally everything exhausts me.  Am now on iron tablets too, cos I kept feeling faint and this is apparently a sign that I'm anaemic. Wahey!  
Ah well, not long to go....   Getting very apprehensive about the birth now - I just want it to be over with, to know that she's okay (it's a girl btw!).  I mean, I know she's okay now, because she kicks the hell out of me to let me know, but just for her to be okay after the birth.  I know what I mean!! lol

Anyhows, off to eat my lunch - cheesy crackers and an apple.  Oh, an exciting life I do lead!!

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