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 Sooo...  In my last post I was heavily pregnant, and basically whinging about being fat.  This time - still fat, no longer heavily pregnant.

Baby finally arrived at 41weeks 6 days, after an inducement and 6hour established labour.  Little Sophia.  Well not so little anymore, since she's almost 7 months old.

She's sitting up by herself, bum shuffling along the carpet (now the fun starts!) and fully weaned onto proper food.  Where did the past 6/7months go?!

It's also my first 'proper' day back at work tomorrow... I've done a few odd afternoons but am still quite nervous about going back.  And really don't want too.  But sadly maternity pay doesn't last forever and I still have bills to pay.  Sigh.

Will try and remember to blog as often as I can!
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